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Parce qu'un jour l'averse cessera de tomber.

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Revolution fest

It’s too much sound
Should I make it round
To the telegrapher
Or doesn’t it matter

You know I’m high With substances my brain is But for resistance I cry  We need core energy Let’s all get to party As a protest Asking for workers to rest Since strikes do miss Their shot in the government somethings amiss  If you’re going to call to police and arrest us Let’s make the protest a huge fest So they will leave us Let’s celebrate, join us Don’t you dare beat us You know very well it’s them or us So stop your fuss And join us

Barbara Ferreres – Mai 2024

Barbara Ferreres
Author: Barbara Ferreres

I’m an eatherable mass belonging to nowhere (better known as Barbara Ferreres) and the unreliable narrator of its own descent into the margins of society. It’s not that badn you should come and grab a tea sometimes. I love working with people, email me at tombelapluiepoetry@gmail.com. I would love it!

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