Écrits pour jours de pluie

Parce qu'un jour l'averse cessera de tomber.

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Tapes, from the « Souvenirs » painting series, by Okaasan/Nathalie Ferreres, mixed media on canvas, all rights reserved 2023-2024

She noticed the graphite scratching,
The ink flowing ;
Second scretched,
As she lurked

To that guttural, perishable, yet immortal,
Moment of being.

The night knew she wouldn’t tiptoe
Around those running tapes forever;
But she said Nothing to the artist,
As she too found warmth to observe,
What others were missing.

Stuck in life unstopping Stream,
She hoped she would gather those souvenirs,
Not thinking about the things that would one day disappear

Finding the right postcard, not keeping it, their scent,
Films that were impredictable when developped,
That pencil placed near the tapes…
Slowly faded away
Unknowingly leaving a loitering souvenir,
A vague versalgia:
The repressed nostalgia
Of physical media,
We can’t look back at, deciding it should disappear

Barbara Ferreres – 2024 all rights reserved, written as a tribute to Okaasan’s art and painting series, aswell as analog media such as tapes (casettes) and cd that I still use and love unconditionaly. 

Barbara Ferreres
Author: Barbara Ferreres

I’m an eatherable mass belonging to nowhere (better known as Barbara Ferreres) and the unreliable narrator of its own descent into the margins of society. It’s not that badn you should come and grab a tea sometimes. I love working with people, email me at tombelapluiepoetry@gmail.com. I would love it!

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